A winning formula


REI Meetings 2020 is an event that focuses on the quality and personalization of the contacts : relevant, targeted and effective appointments that save you more than just time. The exclusive organization of meetings between suppliers and contractors, as well as our methodology, guarantee high added-value meetings..

Save several months of prospection time and avoid numerous business trips with logistical constraints.

Take advantage of the conference program, based on concrete feedback and organized by profession and expertise: it is put together according to current market issues.

Seize the opportunity to develop profitable quality contacts.

Comprehend the needs of buyers and products, competences and services offered by professionals during REI Meetings.

Leave us prepare the convention
According to the needs or competences you state on your registration form, our team prospects and selects the professionals best suited for you. We guarantee a tailor-made business convention suited to your needs.

Away from the stress of a large fair, and the constraints of the office, this convention provides the ideal setting for professional meetings with available representatives.

Also, the informal aspects such as coffee breaks, lunch on site and the cocktail on the first evening will help you meet more contacts.



abe has implemented an original and rigorous methodology that allows each participant to select his interlocutors according to his needs and obtain a few days before the event, a business schedule focused on two days.

1. The registration form
Fill out a short form and provide us with capabilities, applications and needs.

2. Technical profile
Access detailed profiles of all the attendees from our online catalogue (3 weeks prior to the event).

3.Conferences selected
Identify and request meetings with relevant contacts through our user friendly program.

4. Your personalized meeting schedule
Go online and consult your individual schedule of pre-planned meetings with the contacts of your choice.

The conferences


Please note the conferences will only be available in French. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Are you looking for more information, training or benchmarking? REI Meetings 2020 will also host several conferences which will be presented by external experts or by suppliers or buyers attending the convention.

The conferences will cover market news, innovations and feedback from industrialists.  

Our objectives:

  • To offer adapted training to your problems.
  • To help you make the most of the experience.
  • To create a real space for exchange.

All participants, no exceptions, buyers and suppliers will have access to the conferences.

By January of 2020, you will be able to consult below the first themes to be tackled at REI Meetings. We therefore invite you to regularly check this page.